Flower Boy Next Door

“I don’t know if I was looking by myself because I was lonely, or if I got lonely because I was looking by myself.”

Flower Boy Next Door

Episodes: 16
Genre: Romance, drama
Year: 2013
Starring: Park Shin Hye, Yoon Shi Yoon, Kim Ji Hoon, Park Shoo Jin, Kim Yoon Hye

Rating: 2/10

I expected great things of this kdrama. Not only does it star Park Shin Hye, it has flower boys, and is a rom-com. I mean, look at that picture. Does this not seem like a cute drama?

It sure as hell is not.

I stopped watching after ep 8.

Flower Boy Next Door

Go Dok Mi is a modern Rapunzel. A frugal freelance copy-editor, she hides away in her apartment, rarely leaving to face the world. She has fallen in love with Han Tae Joon, her neighbour across the street. Every day, she peaks at him through a pair of yellow binoculars, following his daily routine.

Webtoon artist Oh Jin Rak lives in the apartment next door with his drawing partner Oh Dong Hoon. He uses Dok Mi as inspiration for a new webtoon series. Enrique Geum is a video game designer, newly arrived from Spain. Although he’s in love with his friend Yoon Seo Young, he plays cupid to get her together with his cousin Tae Joon. Watanabe Ryu, a Japanese cook, moves in door the hall.

What will happen when Enrique catches Dok Mi in the act of spying?

A Disappointment from the First Episode

I see no flower boys. I see no rom-com. I see no cuteness. This kdrama is a lie.

Okay, so I’ll allow the ‘flower boy’ in the title is singular, but still, with the promo pic and the synopsis, one expects all these men to be attractive. And they’re just not.

One also expects to be a lighthearted drama, with all five men drawing Dok Mi out of her self-imposed exile – and a romance on the side, of course! This. Did. Not. Happen. Only two of these five men have any relevance whatsoever to the story.

And the story itself it just plain depressing.

Go Dok Mi

Dok Mi is such a melancholic character. I understand why she is like this, and I totally accepted it. I just can’t understand why she doesn’t really change, not in the 8 episodes I saw. And if she’s not going to change even a little bit in the first half of the series…why the hell am I watching?

Don’t get me wrong; Shin Hye does a wonderful job portraying Dok Mi. It’s just her character that sucks.

I do love Dok Mi’s diary, a blog where she writes down her true feelings. It is so poetic and heart-wrenching. The highlight of this drama.

Enrique Geum

I don’t see Enrique as hero material AT ALL. At first he’s this irrepressible, hyper, energizer-bunny, which doesn’t really float my boat. Slowly, he starts to show his true self beneath his carefully-erected facade. True emotion beautifully conveyed by Yoon Shi Yoon.

But he’s still. Not. Hero. Material.

Oh Jin Rak

This character starts off so well. I had such high hopes for him. He really seemed to understand Dok Mi. But then he just got pathetic. Case in point: when he was curious about what was going on between Dok Mi and Enrique in her apartment next door, he tries to listen through the wall with a cup.

This screams of desperation. I just couldn’t handle it. He goes from manly and admirable to lame in a matter of episodes. Sigh.

Kim Ji Hoon

Ji Hoon plays Enrique’s friend, who is in love with his cousin. I’m happy to see her in another role; I think she did well in Heartstrings with Shin Hye. She played Seo Young as well as can be expected, given the limitations of her character.

I’m just disappointed her role wasn’t bigger.

Is it any wonder I quit?

This kdrama is simply too depressing for me. I might’ve given it more slack for its introspective nature, had I been expecting it. But its premise spoke of rom-com cuteness, and failed to deliver.


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